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About the company

Your Idea our manufacturing

Since 1996 we are producing ready-to-use culture medias for central Europe markets. We are suppling aproximetly 75% of laboratories in Poland also constantly exporting our products to Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, France and Italy.

Our catalogue involves culture media avaliable in various forms: plates, biplates, bottles, tubes and powders – over 600 items not including those prepared on demand, according to formulas supplied by the customers. Our specialists make every effort to provide you with shortest possible realisation time of your orders on demnad, only few weekes.

Fulfilling desires of your cutomers.

Choosing Graso means instant expansion of your offer. Widespread selection of products desired by customers at your disposal. Due to cooperation with our contrahents we agree to manufacture ready-to-use OEM culture medias – from our own resources as well as ingredients supplied by contractor. This solution allows your company improving offer with unique products – customized formulas sought by exacting customers.

Quality standards

Production process in Graso is based on the system of continuous order collecting, with minimized storage time. Facilitated by our up-to-date production line, assisted by QC is guarantee of always fresh and quality product. Almost all plate medias have 3 month expiry date, excluding those with blood and other unstable components.

Integrated management systems (ISO 9001:2008 + ISO 13485) implemented in our company and CE marks for in vitro diagnostics products proves Graso as reliable contractor.