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Tomek Piątkowski - Head Technologist

A Customer Service Department’s favorite. Graduated biotechnologist. He looks to that all procedures of the production process are fulfilled, and the final product achieves the best possible quality. He works out and supervises the putting into practice of technologies for new products, including those “on special demand”. Versatile and ambitious, equipped with sense of humor and distance towards himself and own performance, keen voyager, in private an expert on feminine beauty, under a cloak of seeming self-confidence he hides a tender and nearly timid personality.

Anna Górska - Specialist in Public Procurement Departament

She is responsible for preparing tenders, maintaining order in records of agreements and delivery schedule. She is also organizing materials and equipment purchases form local distributors. When answering calls…she charms customer with her bewitched voice. In professional matter at work as well as personal, you can always count on her. When asked for help, never refuses. At work and home she can keep distance from oneself. Privately mother of little Marcel with temper inherited after his mom.

Lidia Gos - Managing Director

A scientist – biologist of profession, a manager, experienced in diagnostic and pharmaceutic industry, by choice. Her passion is planning of classic and innovative marketing strategies. She knows how to make little things grow and yield substantial and predictable profits. Her modest mathematic skills increase in a logarithmic fashion once a “PLN” appears next to any number. Pretty free from spare whiles, she cooks infrequently, rather “eatables” than “meals”; though she has a weakness for cakes. Unfortunately – mainly those prepared by others.

Katarzyna Czartoryska - Marketing Manager

Passionate about journey around the world. Courageous and brave woman, recently in Cambodia she ate big deep fried spider, got defeated by fried scorpion – still impressing!! On the other hand she enjoys coziness of her home with her beloved family and favourite pets (dogs).

Monika Zimmermann - Technology Consultant

Her specialty is quality control and technical guidance . Educated in biology, she has had her laboratory debut in Psychiatric Hospital. She is cherished by customers for inexhaustible empathy, comparable with the whole order of Sisters of Mercy. She takes advantage of her artistic sense to carry out chief graphic designer duties. Her stylish wardrobe, rich with black color, which facilitate her natural beauty. Hot in temper, expressive in speech. True lover of mountain hiking and fond of the wolves. She starts each workday from bicycle tour to work and ends it up all the same – back on bike, no matter on weather!

Anna Kołodziej - Specialist in Public Procurement Department

Course of biological education chosen by pure fond. In our company is responsible for analyzing, preparing offers and tenders for public clients. In meanwhile she enjoys reading criminals written by H. Coben. Recently, thanks to work colleagues, she become happy owner of a lovable mongrel puppy named Alaska.

Grzegorz Kujawa - Specialist in Public Procurement Departament

Vigorous and creative, ambitious and hard-working. He mastered techniques of stress management, takes stoically all extreme situations. He deals with public clients, supervises depository and shipment procedures. When it comes to the tender, he puts on his poker face and acts like a pro player by the table. Lover of fast cars and Dr House. Sophisticated sense of humor he is blessed with is not only due to the hero of his favorite series but also thanks to workmates.

Mirka Chabowska - Head of Customer Service Department

Front-line officer. She manages the Customer Service Department. She has always been bound to customer service; earlier worked in accounts, logistic and store administration. It is just her who deals with our customers, takes complaints and struggles with shippinng companies. Despite the nerves-fraying business she can always afford a smile for her husband and daughters after work. Her free time she usually spends in the kitchen. She loves cooking and baking. Her cheesecakes and poppyseed cakes are at least / at meanest culinary masterpieces.

Monika Karasek - Customer Service

If it comes to customers…she is there for them, on the frontline of phone lines. Her kind voice cools down even most irritated clients. She is responsible for invoicing of your orders, also coordination of all shipments and leading secretariat. She brings new fashion trends to our company. Privately big fan of volkswagen cars especially golf series, actively participating in rallys. Between rallys in the comfort of her home she reveals her true artistic nature by pouring out her “creation of imagination” onto canvas.

Anna Knuth - Customer Service

Trained biologist, she loves her little dog Edek. She is supporting customer service and part time Procurment Department. Owner of cute bambi eyes, from whom there is no escape. Our private upbeater, she is capable of buoying the biggest miseryguts up. Her laugh is so powerfull, that is suspected of damaging the company building’s substructure.