Szybki test antygenowy II generacji COVID-19 z wymazów z nosogardzieli oraz szybki test do wykrywania przeciwciał IgM i IgG z krwi (np. pobranej z palca)

The second-generation COVID-19 rapid antigen test from nasopharyngeal swabs and a rapid test for the detection of IgM and IgG antibodies from blood (e.g. taken from the finger)
The GRASO company offers COPAN swabs with UTM liquid substrate and flocked nylon swabs in various sets. They meet the requirements of WHO and CDC recommendations and can be used to collect swabs from patients with symptoms of coronavirus infection. We also introduced the VTM media of our production for collecting, transporting and storing samples for viruses, packed in 1 and 3 ml tubes.

Our offer has also been extended to include tests for surface cleanliness. The COV-Hygien Xpress kit (BioMire and CHROMagar, France) is designed to monitor the presence of SARS Cov-2 on surfaces. It enables the simple and quick (15 min) detection of the virus protein in the environment. The complete kit includes the necessary reagent, test tube, swab, test strip. No cross-reactions.

Regularly monitoring the cleanliness of frequently used surfaces helps to reassure users of the safety and helps to improve cleaning procedures.

Ulotka COVID antygen
Ulotka COVID przeciwciala
INCP-402 JusChek ACRO przeciwciala Coronavirus PL Instrukcja
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